Fashion and Wedding Photographer

Dreaming in Louis Vuitton

So recently my sisters finally bought some Louis Vuitton purses and of course I had to do a shoot with them hahaha!!! So I decided I would do a small ( advertisement ) photoshoot of the models "wearing" the purses as a focal point for the images! After shooting Ashley outside I wanted some candid shots of her running with the purse, and after looking at them on camera I loved them! My Studio is really close to Battle Ground High School which have a track field so we quickly  drove their really quick while it was light and we took more running pictures. Fortunately their where some kids playing soccer and i asked them if we could borrow their ball for Ashley to shoot some goals! HUGE thanks to Diana for keeping the bags looking good throughout the day and making sure they where stuffed good!!! MUAH: Yvette Vasquez. Beautiful Paper Flower Wall made by: Paper Flower Closet.   Mixing Fashion with Sport has never been fun lol thank god I didn't get hit in the face with the ball :)